Money – How Do I Get It Effortlessly?

Money – How Do I Get It Effortlessly?

How does one turn their own money facets on? Is there such-a-thing as a money facet? When most non-rich people think of money, they think of money from a few self-limiting beliefs. For example, some non-rich people think money is the root of all evil. In thinking this way, do you think their deep brain (the subconscious a vastly powerful thing) would allow lots of money to show up into their lives? It can’t. And they won’t let it! Are getting the idea that some of your extremely powerful subconscious beliefs (your deep brain programming) of yourself and others are your governing wheel?

You might be wondering, why did the non-rich people do that? That is an excellent question. To answer this question in a way that will gleam the information required for you to begin transcending your own self-induced “non-rich” deep brain programming you must begin to realize who you really are and how interconnected everything in life really is.

Accordingly, I must first introduce the absolute fact of the absolute power of your own personal thoughts, aka your own thinking, aka your present beliefs, aka your present judgments. If you take time to think about it, most people never give a thought to their constant and instantaneous everyday thinking about their life and what’s presently in it and what’s presently not in it.

I certainly can’t convince you in this short article about your infinitely powerful thoughts; however, I can if you’ll permit me to, to begin building the undeniable case for such an outrageous statement, as an actually very true statement that your thoughts (your beliefs) create your present experiences and results.

Most people have heard the saying “Mind over Matter” and “It’s the thought that counts,” and, in these same cases most will tell you that they believe it, and at the same time, they’ll go right back into their lives continuing to habitually think the self-limiting and self deprecating thoughts that got them their results in the first place.

In other words, they do not have a clue that their present habitual thinking is exact cause of every thing that they are experiencing in their lives. How do I know this? I have been changing people’s deep brain programming for the last 20 years and achieving outstanding results for these transformed consciously thinking beings people.

Here is some of the proof as to why you only need to change some of your current self-limiting beliefs to begin the process of attaining some of your desires, in this case more money.

For example, when you focus (think in a negative feeling producing way) on any subject that makes you feel bad (fear or worry or despair) inside; this is an extremely common example of self-induced limitation. Can insights come to you when your feeling stressed? By the way, all stress is self induced. And everybody knows what stress does to the body and their lives. But what’s worst it makes these unwanted experiences root themselves into a person’s life! There are many scientific studies that prove this over and over again throughout the world. For example, a Chicago study about impoverished trouble teens revealed these teens are 4 times more likely to die than their non-troubled teens counter-parts.1 At the same time, troubled teens who become entrepreneurs also became more successful than their rule abiding counter-parts.2 Why did some of these impoverished troubled teens make it through to success? They literally began thinking they thought they would. In other words, they stepped out beyond their fearful feeling producing thoughts and hung on to their hope and dreams of a better future. Hope is a much better feeling producing thought, it’s the beginning of faith. And like any muscle it needs to worked out everyday.

I can’t explain how this happens in this short article, all I can say is that your current concept and beliefs about yourself and your life are like walls holding you in place. I literally suggest you get a ladder and climb up it and look over those walls and never look back, except to say thank you to every person and experience that would like to leave behind. You can’t change another but you can certainly be a light that they can follow if they chose to.

By the way, what does this “socially” accepted stress (negative emotions/feelings that occur in the body by your habitual negative feeling producing thinking) do to your body and brain, and you’re your ability to hear or make intuitively good choices? In any case, I think you are getting the idea that what you habitually practice to think about your financial situations goes a long way in helping your future.

There’s something even more important going on here. I am sure you already realize this but there’s an eternal part of you (some call it God, aka Source, aka The Infinite, Higher Eternal Self, etc.) that responds to each and every thought and idea and judgment you think. And if you don’t believe this, you will, when you hear about the 100’s of scientific studies that conclude this fact of life that I reveal and mention in my book. Case in point, Albert Einstein, a brilliant world renown scientist, shared this timeless message when he was physically alive, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” He also said, “Imagination is everything, it is life’s preview of coming attractions.” What did he mean by these powerful statements? He meant that everything you worry about YOU move into your life in some way shape or form. If you are constantly worrying, which is using your imagination (the only powerful life creating process) about things or situations you don’t want; you actually move yourself closer and closer to these types of unwanted situations and events. And the same is true for finding ideas or thoughts that make you feel wonderful inside, the opposite of stress.

Have you even seen a guy walking down the street talking with himself arguing, and thought to yourself, “he’s crazy!” And the reality is; you actually have similar discussions with yourself in the hidden recesses of your mind. These exact discussions are literally forming your present and future experiences imagined or not!

And here’s the kicker, your emotions, (positive feelings and negative feelings producing self-talk) lets you know instantly whether or not you’re going to like the experiences when they actually shows up right in the middle of your life.

You have and always will invite your monetary situations into your life. Consequently, when you are habitually thankful and appreciative about the what you do have right now, you leave room for more to come to you, whether it’s money or love. You at that time, will always be guided by inspired action to more and more wonderful experiences and abundance in life.

Whether you currently believe this or not, you have placed every wall and every good experience into your life, nobody else has done this for you; and hopefully now, you’ll take the reins of your own life and guide it to amazing financial windfalls. In other words, it’s time for you to take your rightful place as a loving co-creator of your life in this beautiful world we all live in. Walls fall when you look beyond them and hold your gaze their and when you do return them to where your presently at become more thankful and appreciative than everybody you know. It will dissolve your walls in miraculous ways. Enjoy the ride! And oh boy it is an amazing ride, when you know. You job now is to learn to know. Have fun and be light about this. And if you need help give a call.

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