Idea Mapping for Manifesting Money

Idea Mapping for Manifesting Money

Ideas are gifts given to those who possess a creative gene and a desire for expression, yet the idea is rarely used to its fullest power. When you have an idea, it will appear as a hunch and you may feel the tingling inside of your tummy. The reason for this sensation is that an idea is the doorway to more ideas and without self-control and a plan, the idea will flutter away like a moth.

Idea Mapping is similar to a popular planning method called “Mind Mapping”. When starting the process of creating this map to success, with an intent to generate money, you will need to focus on an amount of money, then branch your ideas out accordingly. For example, let’s say you want to manifest $5000 in 4 short weeks. What would be your first ideal priority? This is what you put in the center of your idea map.

In business, your idea may start out with your desires to earn money but there are many aspects of this map that need to be envisioned far before you will see the results. If you are a consulting business, you may want to start with “Customer Happiness”, as a chief aim toward creating a business plan that works for you. If you are in the food industry you may consider mapping out a plan that would focus on food tastes and preferences. Each idea can form a new idea.

I have formulated some great solutions from mapping out and idea including the focus on writing as a skill to improve upon. Because I am a writer and author, it is important to me that every word I write has power. With the power of words comes the intention of the heart. From the space of intention and awareness, manifestation occurs.

Secondly, I have seen the need for new programs, products and services to be offered online. With the idea of writing a book, a new idea of creating a sellable program will come forth. From the program several other branches can grow such as statistics on needs, and potential for monetary success.

Finally, almost everyone would love to make a business from their idea. I recently watched an episode of “Shark Tank” where one of the reasons why the entrepreneur was left empty handed was that she had a create product but it did not show any signs of being a business.

In closing, “Idea Mapping” is a creative way to see your dreams and make them come true via the imagination. Daydream your way into the ideal life you want to live by creating your personal idea map with every topic that you love and enjoy.

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