Free Credit Report Online – Easy Ways To Get One

Free Credit Report Online – Easy Ways To Get One

We have all seen those commercials about identity theft and poor credit by the people who want us to use their credit protection service or credit report lookup website. More often than not, it is easy to fail to pay attention to these ads at all, as so many plays on a daily basis that we can become numb to them.

At the same time, it is important to know that getting your annual free credit report is not only something that should be important to you, but it is something that you are entitled to. While it is only one a year, getting a free credit report online just once a year can help you with your credit so that you know just what it is that you are up against.

Why Having a Copy of Your Credit Report is So Important

Free or otherwise, having a copy of your credit report once a year is very important. This is for many reasons; including the fact that identity theft is at an all time high. In today’s economy the average American citizen has enough debt of their own without having to deal with debt they did not even create, and this is the type of thing that could easily happen to you if you aren’t careful.

By inspecting your credit report every twelve months for accounts and inquiries that you did not open, you are doing the best you can to protect yourself against identity theft. Also, when it comes to your own accounts and those you did create, knowing what you are up against can help you to effectively manage your own credit and make some improvements.

Where to Get Your Free Credit Report Online

The first step in getting a free credit report is finding a website that grants them. In most cases, it is not too difficult to get the copy of your credit report. Most sites will ask you for information that probably only you would have, such as the make and model of your very first car or the name of a street that you lived on a few years back. Answering these questions properly as well as providing your identification information is the way that the companies go about verifying your identity.

Most free credit report sites will offer you a mailed copy of your credit report or allow you to make a print out of your report right from your computer. Try to find a site where you can save the report and access it again, as you can only pull one copy every twelve months for free.