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Today’s loan modification process is not easy; it is most effective when an experienced Nonprofit Loss Mitigation Volunteer Advocate can help homeowners.

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Suppose a homeowner’s current financial situation doesn’t allow them to continue making their contract payments on their mortgage. In that case, a completely FREE Legal Loan Modification may be the right option, even if the lender has previously turned them down. Loan Modification may help them pay off the mortgage balance at a lower payment and avoid foreclosure.

Carol Rozier could not make her monthly payments due to a financial crisis. She applied for the loan modification with her mortgage company, but they never helped her. They pointed out mistakes and inaccuracies during the process and refused to modify with the unpaid balance of $177,297.71 and a delinquent amount of $16,780.70. It was a painful time for Ms. Rozier. Also, she lost a family member and a totaled car while being turned down by her lender for a loan modification. She was also bombarded by calls and mailers offering to buy her house at distressed prices and represent her in bankruptcy.

Today’s loan modification process is not easy; it is most effective when an experienced Nonprofit Loss Mitigation Volunteer Advocate can help homeowners navigate the process. She reached out to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, which has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a slew of glowing 5-star Google reviews, which told her not to give up hope. They quickly helped Carol gather correct documents, analyze, properly structure and submit a complete package so the lender could be held accountable. The Nonprofit Clinic also put the lender on legal notice and demanded an immediate cease of all foreclosure activity, completely free at ZERO COST to Carol or her Family.

Although super confident in their quality of work and capability, the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates informed Carol that even their success rate on every lender approving every Loan Modification is far from 100% or even close to being perfect never guaranteed. But helping clients like Carol avoids getting foreclosed on their track record is 2nd to none. They educated, explained, and checked Carol’s eligibility for alternative Loss Mitigation strategies. That incorporated multiple strategic alliances specializing in various fields, including real estate professionals, just in case she wanted to preserve her equity instead of being foreclosed. Private equity investment firms would be willing to purchase her delinquent mortgage note if her lender refused to help her thru the Nonprofit. State Bar Licensed Foreclosure Defense Attorneys, Bankruptcy Attorneys, and Private Investors for a potential short-term loan to pay off her default amount.

They even have established relationships with Wrongful Foreclosure Litigation Firms that may be willing to prosecute her lender with zero out-of-pocket cost to Carol and 100% Contingency.

Attorney Fernando Leone, the Senior Legal Services Director for the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, stated in the recent past, “When considering someone’s home, it’s always wiser to be unnecessarily overly prepared with a plan ‘B’ and even a plan ‘C’ and find out that they didn’t need it than realize at the last minute that they were underprepared when they find out that their lender said no and they ran out of time. Extensive research says, over 98.50% of all people who wind up getting foreclosed upon believed and thought they were being correctly assisted by someone up until the day they get foreclosed upon”.

Carol agreed in the event her lender once again rejected her request for assistance even thru the Nonprofit Clinic; she allowed the Nonprofit Alliance to get her approved for backup Bridge Loan submission for her to pay off the default amount and provide her payment assistance and credit restoration for her so she can refinance both loans into one after a short period of time as the plan ‘B’ and she also agreed to List her home on a ‘HOLD’ Listing agreement with one of the Clinics Real Estate Broker alliances as a plan ‘C’ if plan ‘A’ being the Free Loan Modification didn’t work and if plan ‘B’ the Bridge Loan fell thru she would at least preserve her equity and avoid getting foreclosed upon then she would allow the Nonprofit Alliance to help relocate her with her salvaged equity. Smart play on her part. Once again, being overly prepared is never wrong, but plan A came through.

Carol got her Free Loan Modification thru the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates. Her interest rate went from an adjustable 4.5% to a fixed low 3.25% and dropped her mortgage payment down to $776.52 a month, all for FREE, that’s right, ZERO out-of-pocket cost.

Carol Rozier expressed her sincerest gratitude to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and their entire Volunteer staff for their help and support in her situation.

Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates main goal is to help homeowner save their home and provide them with enough information and resources to make the best long-term decision for their family. For assistance, call (855) 622-2435 or visit them at https://NACA law.org.

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